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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

Currently we serve Lancaster and Lebanon counties, as well as surrounding communities

What days do you operate?

We have pick-ups on Tuesdays and Wednesday, and delivery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Why should I use a wash and fold laundry service?

There are many reasons you choose to use a wash and fold laundry service. Typically these reasons boil down to time or physical limitations. Families where both parents work or large households find benefit in having a chore like laundry knocked off their to-do list. Also, those with mobility issues whether it be from aging or temporary causes such as medical procedure recovery, can have a cumbersome task like laundry taken off their plate.

How long will it take for my laundry to be cleaned?

The large majority of orders are picked up, clean and returned in 48 hours. Very large orders may take longer

Do you offer free and clear detergent?

Yes! We make accommodations for orders requesting free and clear detergent!

Can my clothes be washed to my specifications?

Yes! We can customize your service to your preferences! When signing up please be sure to let us know your preferences, and if they change, you can change them in your customer profile and we’ll modify your service accordingly.

Do I need to be home for my wash to be cleaned up?

No! You can leave your laundry in the Central Penn Laundry LLC bag provided to you on your porch and we’ll pick it up.

Do I need to put my laundry in a special bag?

We do provide a laundry bag for use after your first pickup (for recurring customers) but for first-time pickups or one-time customers, you can also use a large bag like a shopping bag or trash bag, just make sure it’s marked so it doesn’t get confused for trash!

What happens if it’s raining or snowing the day of my pick-up or drop-off and I’m not home

In the event of inclement weather when we are delivering, we’ll cover your clothes in a plastic bag and try to find a dry, covered area to leave them. In the event of inclement weather on your pick-up day, you can cover your bag with the plastic bag that is provided in the side pouch of your laundry bag or a trash bag, and leave in a dry, covered conspicuous area.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! You and your referral will get a $20 account credit upon the completion of the referrals first service.

Is there a minimum?

There is a 20 pound minimum.

Are there any items you can’t/won’t wash?

Non-machine-washable items, items that require dry cleaning, items that require special care such as beads, feathers or sequins, leather items, shoes, needles/sharps or other bio-hazardous items, excessively soiled items, items soiled in blood, feces or other bodily fluid, items infested with bedbugs or other pests, illegal items or materials, electronics or battery powered items, horse blankets

What if I have more items than fit in my bag?

Don’t worry! We include an extra plastic bag in the side pouch of your bag in case you have more laundry than fits in our bags. Also, this bag can be used to cover your laundry when leaving it out for pickup when rain or snow is expected!

How do you fold clothes?

We fold our clothes how you would see them folded in a department store. Button down shirts, polos, slacks, etc. can be put on a hangar for a small additional fee

Do I have to sort my laundry?

Nope! We take the time the sort it for you!

Can I have items returned on hangars?

Absolutely! Just let us know what items you would like to have hung. This will cost a small additional fee per item.

Can you remove stains?

We can’t say for sure, but we will surely try our best! For best results, pre-treat stains and separate them in your bag from the rest of your laundry.

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